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k-pop profile : Onew (Shinee)

Name : Onew - 온유
Real name : Lee Jin Ki - 이진기
Birth Date : 14 December 1989
Born Place : Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggido, South Korea
Star Sign : Sagittarius
Height : 177 cm
Weight : 60 kg
Blood Type : O
Education : Chungwoon University

Profession : Singer and actor
Kpop Group : SHINee

TV Series :
2010 : Dr. Champ - Dagteo Caempeu as Clumsy Doctor

Movies :
2012 : I AM

Musicals :
2010 : Brothers Were Brave
2010 : Rock of Ages

Variety Shows :
Idol Sports Athletic Championship
SHINee's Hello Baby
Oh! My School

Songs :
with SHINee
One Year Later with Jessica (Girls' Generation)
The Name I Loved with Kim Yeon Woo
In Your Eyes - Ost. To The Beautiful You


hawiz said...

kpop fans yer?..hihi

aniem shah said...

@hawizyup! semestinya hehe :D

Syaza Syahira said...

suka lagu Sherlock dorang. ;)

QIOSWriter said...

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Al-Azrul Iqmim said...

done flw..jmput ke blog sy n flw skali :)

aniem shah said...

@Syaza Syahira yup, best kan lagu dorang :')

aniem shah said...

@Al-Azrul Iqmimthank..ok sure nanti aniem singgah follow juga k :')

Masmira Masri said...

suka giler lgu dia in ur eyes tu setiap mlm dgr hehehehe

jemput singgah n follow

aniem shah said...

@Masmira Masri lagu yang ost To The Beautiful You kan. aniem pon selalu dengar juga dkt phone..best2

Nadya Bubble said...

Comel :D

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